Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have moved to 50 Catoctin Circle, Suite 203 in Leesburg, VA 20176. Our new phone number is 703-777-7373. Save June 20th at 4:30pm for Grand Opening Celebration! http://www.hideawaymassage.com/index.php

Friday, May 4, 2012

Air Brush Tan in May - Skin Cancer Prevention & Detection Month

Hideaway Massage is raising awareness of May as National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Owner Allison Shorb was inspired when a client related that her dermatologist had commented on the airbrush tan she received at Hideaway Massage.  Douglas C. Semler, MD, FAAD of Semler Dermatology, Inc. in Lansdowne, VA recommends “for people who still desire the appearance of tanned skin, despite the ever growing evidence linking UV radiation and skin cancer, sunless tanning products can be applied to the skin.  These can be professionally applied as sprays at some spas, salons, or other businesses. Sunless tanning products can be a safe alternative to sunbathing or using indoor tanning beds.” Hideaway Massage provides South Seas Air Brush tans which are noted for their realism, quick drying time and safety.  Allison says, “We are thrilled with the popularity of our spray tans but feel it’s important to encourage early detection of skin cancer and regular exams.” The American Academy of Dermatology has created “Melanoma Monday” and published http://www.melanomamonday.org/  to provide tools for awareness and prevention.
Hideaway’s airbrush tans give an instant glow that lasts about a week and take only 5 minutes to apply. The growing clientele includes women, men, teens, beauty professionals, bridal parties and more. The safety and realism of spray tans have made them the preferred alternative to sun exposure or tanning beds. Now local residents can enjoy the comfort and affordability of regular air brush tans while protecting their health. Allison continues, “We want to create an oasis for rejuvenation and health. Our clients can look as great as they feel!” 

South Seas Airbrush tans at Hideaway Massage http://www.hideawaymassage.com/air-brush-tanning.php

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are honored by your support for the Best of the Suburbs poll!

Thanks to everyone who voted in Modern Mom's 2nd annual Best of the Suburbs poll. Hideaway Massage is proud to be a finalist in the "Best Spray Tan" and "Best Massage" categories!! We would appreciate your vote for the final poll - it only take a couple minutes and you don't have to fill in all of the blanks. THANKS!!!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hideaway Massage featured in Leesburg Today February 2012

We had two amazing Valentines Day weekends focused on Couples Massage! We are thrilled with this  feature article from 2.20.12 Leesburg Today Please let us know what you think..

Hidden Treasure Offers Top-Notch Bodywork Experience by Samantha Bartram

A sense of comfort sets in even before you walk through the doors of the tiny yellow cottage that houses Allison Shorb's Hideaway Massage. Set deep off South King Street in Leesburg, it's a hidden oasis where a wide variety of bodywork and spa experiences await.
"It's just different with us. We're all about making you feel at home and comfortable—you can trust us," Shorb said.
Clients are offered an array of services, from deep-tissue and Swedish massage to Hideaway Massage originals like the acupressure facial massage or Hideaway Escape, the studio's signature experience. All massages last a full 60-90 minutes and include hot towels and aromatherapy at no additional charge. Shorb said it was important for her to differentiate the services offered at Hideaway in ways that were not typical to most spas. "We have lots of add-on indulgences to make it more fun," Shorb said.
"We have created an acupressure facial massage that uses ayurvedic strokes and all-natural products incorporated into the massage. So we take a regular face massage, but make it a little more cleansing and uplifting. Last spring we added something for our clients suffering from sinus problems or those with allergie—lymphatic drainage massage—and that's part of an allergy and sinus relief package that uses different essential oils, strokes around the sinus cavity and mandible, drainage and [Temporomandibular disorders] relief."
During the Hideaway Escape, clients are treated to a blend of deep-tissue and Swedish massage, where the therapist hones in on areas of particular concern to the specific individual. "We find out what your problem areas are and we focus on those while integrating the therapy into a very relaxing massage," Shorb said.
In what may come as a surprise to some, fully half of Shorb's business comes from a niche market she seems to have cornered—couple's massage. One room of Hideaway's charming suite is situated to allow two tables, side by side. The lights are dim, soothing ambient music fills the room and aromatherapy sets the tone for not one, but two people to enjoy some serious luxury.
It's become a popular indulgence for couples who come to Leesburg and rural Loudoun for wine tastings, shopping and dining. "People are making a day of it-do some shopping, have a great lunch, get a massage, and maybe hit up a winery," Shorb said.
A team of five, nationally certified therapists make up Shorb's team, and although they're certainly all about providing a fun, relaxing, energizing experience, they also are committed to doing all they can to alleviate problems like back strain, shoulder tension and other maladies. "Every one of my therapists are all really warm, friendly, down to earth, educated and skilled with a nice, broad skill set among them," Shorb said.
Obtaining national certification for all practitioners working at Hideaway Massage was both a personal priority for Shorb and a necessity for the business. The designation from the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork lets clients know everyone on Hideaway's staff has passed a rigorous exam and received, apart from their independent education in massage, hundreds of hours of continuing education. "We take it really seriously," Shorb said.
Commitment to excellence has been with Shorb from moment she decided to open her own massage studio. The daughter of two health care professionals—Shorb's father is a doctor, her mother a nurse—she knew from an early age she wanted to make a career of helping people.
"Anything in the medical area was really comfortable for me. I graduated college with a degree in psychology—I felt like I wanted to help and work with people," Shorb said. After first taking a job as a social worker for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a position Shorb called "meaningful and important to me," the young mother of two found she was unable to make ends meet. Looking to beef up her bottom line, Shorb left the MDA and took a job in sales that lasted 10 years. "It was great for money, but there was nothing emotionally rewarding about it," she said.
That's when Shorb found massage. "My friend Barbara had [been working as a massage therapist] for 20 years, and I thought this might be an interesting blend of my people skills, my knowledge of the human body and my desire to help people. I'd never run a business before in my life, but [Hideaway Massage has] just been growing, so I must be doing something right," Shorb said, laughing.
Hideaway Massage's skilled, creative and energetic staff continue to set their business apart from the rest by coming up with new ways to pamper their clients, like offering yoga classes in the spring and summer, bridal packages, sunless airbrush tanning—using an all-natural sugar to give a safe, natural glow to the skin, herbal body wraps, hot or warm stone therapy and other treats. And although Shorb's schedule is consistently full these days with both new and repeat clients, there's always room for more at Hideaway. "Come in—we spend the whole hour working with you, from selecting your own aromatherapy to giving a few minutes to relax and regroup after the massage," Shorb said.
"That's the part I most enjoy. I love that feeling at the end, seeing people leave feeling better physically and psychologically."
Hideaway Massage is located at 210 S. King St. in Leesburg with hours by appointment only.
For more information, scheduling, testimonials and more, visit www.hideawaymassage.com.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Airbrush Tanning at Hideaway Massage in Leesburg, VA

In addition to our new website, Hideaway Massage has installed an Airbrush Tanning Overspray Booth to provide a healthy ventilated Airbrush Tan in Leesburg, VA. Our Airbrush Tan solution is FDA approved and safe to use, but we wanted to ensure an even better experience for our clients. Airbrush Tanning at Hideaway Massage takes only 5 minutes, dries immediately and has no orange tone. Check it out at http://www.hideawaymassage.com/air-brush-tanning.php

Couples Massage at Hideaway Massage in Leesburg, VA

We hosted 2 couples massages today and have 4 scheduled tomorrow! One couple bought a membership package on their way out! When you buy a package of 6 massages at Hideaway Massage, you save $10.00 off each massage and you can share them with your significant other...and unlike some massage franchises, we have "no use it or lose" it rules or expiration dates!